Ashley David, MFA & PhD

“Entrepreneur” doesn’t just describe a person. It describes a process, a spirit, and a way of thinking. It informs and inflects just about everything I do. It’s at the core of the innovation and strategic impact I can help you catalyze.

It also, of course, describes a person, and in addition to the numerous community development programs and initiatives, I’ve founded, here are some businesses….

    • Founder & Principal, Strategic Words, a process-oriented provider of Strategic & Creative Coaching, Strategic & Creative Development, and Strategic Communications. Developed the business model, designed and built the website and all other marketing collateral. Responsible for all business and brand development, end-to-end project management, and service provision. (2013-present)
    • Founder & Principal, Red Clay Communications & New Media Solutions, (USA), an innovative provider of strategy, new media solutions, training, video production, marketing, and communication services for companies and organizations in high tech, higher education, and non-profit sectors. Developed business model to harness high caliber but intermittently available talent for cost-effective customer solutions. Responsible for end-to-end business development and project management including securing clients and negotiating contracts, creating and monitoring budgets, hiring and supervising project-tailored freelance teams, and all client follow-up for a diverse range of projects in California, New York, Michigan, and Georgia. (2000-2009)
    • Founder & Managing Partner, SeniorSource.com (New York, NY & Berkeley, CA), an elder care dot.com start-up. Secured $275M with promise of 1MM total in angel-round funding, crafted vision, developed B2C and B2B models, assembled diverse advisory team. (1999-2000)
    • Assistant Vice President of Cash & Trade Technology, Citibank, NA (New York, NY). During merger with Travelers Group and Y2K transition, used entrepreneurial skills to develop staffing model to increase high caliber resources for a geographically dispersed software development unit without increasing FTE head-count and to direct these resources to develop innovative solutions for project management and internal communication questions. Supervised 6-10 direct reports and conducted process improvement training using CMM in NYC, Buffalo, Wilmington, and London. Unit transformed from “hit-or-miss genius” to “best practices” case-study for other software development units at Citigroup, and team members continue to reference this period as “my best work experience.” (1998-2000)


And, be sure to check out case studies, testimonials, and the client list!

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