Concepts & Proposals

You have a great idea. But not a lot of time. Or a lot of bandwidth for development. Or maybe… You have a big need and a shortage of great ideas. I can help.

Actionable great ideas that achieve the strategic impact you envision are my specialty.

Sample #1

img017Stanford University Continuing Studies contracted me prior to launching the Aurora Forum because they had a great idea–“to bring the University’s educational resources to neighboring communities for their enrichment and intellectual invigoration” via an “ongoing series of public conversations ‘Exploring American Ideals'”–but they didn’t know how to reach the public broadly nor how to leverage available “new” (and old) media to do it.

I authored a multi-platform, multimedia strategy, which enabled them to expand the audience across geography and time. I also suggested speakers and programming approaches that would cultivate their audience.

In short, I took their purpose, considered their target audience, and helped them achieve strategic impact by shepherding them toward an offering, and a suite of venues for the offering, that left audiences–well beyond the literally neighboring communities–enthusiastically asserting, “We want more, please!”

Sample #2

An exec in a corporate division of NatWest Bank said, “We need a good way to ensure new franchise managers understand our brand, align with corporate priorities, and are empowered and motivated to excel in their franchises.” I gave them the “Send-off Ceremony,” an unmistakable rite of passage to initiate the new leaders as full-fledged members of the NatWest fold.

Summary: A reception and ceremony for the metaphorical handing-over of franchise responsibility to the new franchise managers at the end of their seven-week training and preparation program.

Concept: Particularly at this moment in NatWest’s history, inculcating the NatWest Branch Banking spirit and purpose is vital. To this end, senior branch banking managers will recognize the newest franchise managers by sending them off to their franchises with a final pre-game pep-talk and ceremony. Regional Marketing and Distribution Executives, Mentor Managers, graduates from prior trainings, and corporate team members will participate to convey breadth and depth of commitment, community, and gravitas.

A “Timeline Hall” strategically located at the venue entrance will add to the ambiance and support key messages. The Timeline Hall will chronicle both visually and aurally the substantive history of NatWest Branch from 1991 to present.

Attendees will see, from a variety of perspectives and through a variety of media, the exciting outlook enabled by NatWest’s franchise approach to branch banking. The enthusiasm of the new managers, the already established and tangible successes of the first trainees, the mentors’ impressive track records, and the vision of senior corporate staff will support and reinforce the photographs, videos, and bulletins broadcasting the essence of NatWest Branch Banking in the Timeline Hall.

These integrated and multivalent messages will also remind the graduating class of the work and commitment necessary to accomplish analogous goals and be successful.

Collateral: In addition to pragmatic materials (i.e. business cards), collateral will include symbolic “Keys to the Franchise,” which will be awarded during the “graduation ceremony” portion of the evening along with the “certificate for the franchise.”

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