Marketing Collateral

Offered by WoodenBoat Publications to a broad spectrum of manufacturers and service providers and their marketing teams as a courtesy promotional material designed to help them promote the core element of their industry and thus, the relevance of their products and services related to it, “Why Wood?” is a 4-color educational folder. I developed the strategy, supervised the design team, and wrote the copy for the folder and the accompanying letter to marketers.

img007Why Wood?

Back Cover

Why Wood? Because… wood works!

Inside Left Panel

Unending Variety

Thousands of boat and yacht designs call for wood as the hull material. Many represent centuries of evolution and traditional application while others have been developed to take advantage of today’s technologies in adhesives and coatings. In every major anchorage one finds traditional classics and contemporary wooden boats of every type: cruising yachts, launches, runabouts, fishing boats, performance powerboats, daysailers, dinghies, rowboats and canoes. Large and small, old and new, power and sail, they are boats for which wood is the ideal material.

Excellent Structural Properties

As a construction material which must adapt to a variety of conditions, wood is forgiving. As an engineering material, in critical weight/strength situations, wood coupled with modern adhesives provides maximum strength with minimal weight. Wood is the easiest, most readily available and cost-effective material to use in custom new construction and repair, and lends itself easily to owner care and maintenance. Wood is durable and resilient, and with proper maintenance, can last a lifetime and longer, and will retain enduring value on the market. Wood is beautiful and appealing to the senses. Its aroma, its feel, its sound, and its loo all serve to enhance both the construction and the ownership experience. The strong support network of boatyards throughout the country can assist in the construction, maintenance, and repair of any wooden boat. Finally, the basic skills and materials to make the necessary repairs can be found in any port of harbor, however distant or remote.

Inside Right Panel includes four quotes, from a diverse range of industry leaders, articulating the value proposition of wood for boat construction. 

Letter to Marketers from WoodenBoat Magazine

Dear Wooden Boat Marketer:

Enclosed please find a sample of the brochure, “Why Wood?” Several years ago, we produced a similar brochure to help you promote wood as a boatbuilding material, and, hopefully, to lead to more sales. Many of you were excited by the first version, made suggestions for other versions, and strongly urged us to produce it again.

So, here it is, and we hope that you will find it useful in promoting your business. It is large enough to serve as a folder for your own promotional materials, and there is space on the back cover for your address.

This brochure has been produced in the interest of promoting the wooden boat industry, and we are offering it to you at our cost. In addition, we welcome suggestions for future version of “Why Wood?” Our goal is to design a brochure that will be most useful to you in growing your business; so, we want to hear your ideas and comments.

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