Press Releases

No matter your subject’s complexity, I can get it–and your business–quickly and write press releases that your target audience can relate to. Here’s a sample I wrote for a BioTech start-up.

Top Neuroscientists Launch Biotech Company to Develop Game-ChangingTherapies for Neurological  and Psychiatric Disease

X Inc. Secures $Y Million in Venture Financing

Oakland, CA, September–Internationally renowned neuroscientists today announced the formation of a private biopharmaceutical company, X Inc., which will use cellular and molecular neurobiology and genomics for the discovery of small molecule and small protein therapeutics for neurological disease and psychiatric disorders including Alzheimer’s Disease, spinal cord injuries, and schizophrenia. Initial Research and Development targets nerve growth and neuropathic pain.

The Scientific Founders  include […].

[Quote by Board Chair–a broad stroke statement]

The X approach is built on the principle that drug discovery in in the Central Nervous System (CNS) should begin with the specific neural cells that matter for particular indications. The X Discovery Engine extends outward from this core idea by combining a genomics-based platform with the high-throughput neural cell-based and biochemical assays. In this way, X overcomes many of the problems associated with CNS drug discovery by starting with neural cells that control specific behaviors or are dysfunctional in specific indications rather than by starting with classes of molecules or putative targets in search of a behavior or indication. Thus, serendipity is replaced with a focused approach centered on neuronal specificity.

[Quote by a founder to illustrate the ways these technologies uniquely position X to succeed.]

The company has raise $Y million in its first rounds of venture capital-backed financing. Led by Z Associates, others funders include […].

[Quote by venture capitalist endorsing X.]

The company’s scientific board includes […].

X is temporarily based in Oakland, CA and currently has 15 employees and consultants. By next year the company will include 50-60 employees and be established in a 15,000 sq. ft. facility.

X’s mission is to become the global leader in the commercialization of neurobiological and neurogenomic technologies utilized in the development of therapeutics for human neurological disease and psychiatric disorders.


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