Direct Mail

Sample Excerpts from Postcard Direct Mail Campaign for Stanford University. Campaign consisted of five postcards and a five-panel, accordion-fold brochure with envelope plus remit materials.

  • Developed the campaign strategy and concept to educate alumni, de-bunk fundraising misconceptions, and boost annual giving
  • Directed the design
  • Wrote the copy

Postcard #1

Not a Drop in the Bucketbucket

Reverse Body Copy

Pooled giving equals big dollars. Last year, gifts of $100 or less added up to $2.1 million for undergraduate education. Coupled with other gifts, we were able to provide support for more than 1,000 scholarships, academic innovations, and over 150 student groups. Through 2005, every gift to The Stanford Fund also counts toward The Campaign for Undergraduate Education, aka CUE.

Your gift is so much more than a drop in the bucket. You contribute directly to the richness of every student’s social and academic life.

Please make your gift today, and thank you for supporting undergraduate education!

Postcard #2

palm treeNot a Palm Tree

Reverse Body Copy

We don’t use your gifts to buy trees, build buildings, or keep the lights on. Your gifts directly benefit undergraduates by supporting more than 1,000 scholarships, more than 150 student groups, and academic innovations like Freshman and Sophomore Seminars. Through 2005, every gift to The Stanford Fund also counts toward The Campaign for Undergraduate Education, aka CUE.

Postcard #3

restrictedNot Restricted

Reverse Body Copy

Unrestricted, expendable gifts–like those you give to The Stanford Fund–are crucial for responding to the changing need of undergraduate education; for developing academic innovations; and for providing timely support to student groups and organizations.

Your gift to The Stanford Fund is one of the most valuable gifts you can make.

Postcard #4

hearNot the Last Time You’ll Hear from Us

Reverse Body Copy

The Stanford Fund is all about annual giving; so we ask for your support every year. Our fiscal year runs from September through August. If you give early in the fiscal year, you won’t be asked to give to The Stanford Fund until the following September.

Postcard #5

noteveryoneNot Everyone’s Doing It [But They Should Be]

Reverse Body Copy

Last year, 27% of Stanford alumni who graduated within the past ten years participated in annual giving to The Stanford Fund. That compares to annual giving rates of 34% at Harvard and 57% at Princeton. Annual giving is your vote for Stanford, and it directly benefits undergraduates. So, please make your gift today, and encourage your friends to do the same!

Brochure Envelope & Brochure

IMG_0733What’s Not Got to Do with It?

Reverse Tagline

Not a Drop in the Bucket… Not a Palm Tree… Not for the Endowment… Not Restricted… Not the Last Time You’ll Hear from Us… Not What Everyone’s Doing…

First Panel Headline/Body Copy

The Stanford Fund is support for undergraduate education.

We don’t use your gifts to buy trees or build buildings. Rather, your gift directly supports the core needs of undergraduate education and student life by helping to fund:

  • More than 1,000 scholarships
  • Academic innovations like Freshman and Sophomore Seminars
  • More than 150 student groups and organizations
  • Undergraduate programs like Overseas Studies

We are here to debunk you misconceptions and make it easy for you to make your gift. Consider this Giving 101

Second Panel Headline

What’s CUE got to do with it?

Third Panel Headline

The Fuzzy Picture: * Not a fuzzy?… * The Techie Picture:

Fourth Panel Headline/Body Copy

The Bottom Line

Your annual gift to The Stanford Fund plays a vital role in supporting undergraduate education at Stanford. All gifts benefit undergraduates directly. Pooled giving really adds up, and The Stanford Fund measures its fundraising success in terms of both participation–how many people give–and total dollars raised.

Please make your annual gift to the The Stanford Fund today!

Fifth Panel/Body Copy

What Else?

  1. Volunteer! Deepen your connection to Stanford by offering your time, experience, and wisdom.
  2. Attend your reunions to reconnect with old friends and the broader Stanford community, and participate in your reunion campaign. Your class sets participation and dollar goals to mark the special reunion milestone, and during your reunion year, contributions to The Stanford Fund help your class meet its reunion goals.
  3. Go to the CUE website link, and click “See for yourself” to hear directly from some of the students who benefit from your generosity and continued support of the university!

Make Your Gift Today

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