Mariner’s Book of Days

For this new offering, a day-planner, I developed and wrote copy, over the Editor’s signature, for direct mail sales efforts to prospective retailers. Additionally, I devised the strategy to cultivate a new market for the offering, and it netted the largest client and a sales order of 5000 units This order far exceeded the standard order of 100 or fewer units, and this new market provided a core sales channel for the life of the publication.

img008The sales packet included a sample, to scale, of the publication plus a letter from the Editor and a remit card.

Letter from the Editor

Dear Retailer,

Thank you for your expressed interest in our latest publication, The Mariner’s Book of Days. Enclosed please find a sampling from the calendar.

More than just a desk calendar, this book is filled with anecdotes, insights, and illustrations of life on and around the sea–an almanac and encyclopedia, to be referred to long after the year has passed. Due to this unique aspect, The Mariner’s Book of Days will enjoy steady sales through the Spring season.

Do you have trouble finding reasonably priced items to stock for men? The Mariner’s Book of Days is the perfect gift–for men in particular. It is an entertaining information source that will intrigue both the armchair and seagoing sailor.

The Mariner’s Book of Days has a suggested retail price of $12.95. We feel that your customers will be as excited by The Mariner’s Book of Days as we are. To place your order, please fill out and return the enclosed card.

With best wishes,

Jon Wilson, Editor

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