I approach user interface design and web copy, guided by MY PHILOSOPHY so that you achieve the Strategic Impact you envision. I have written the strategy and the copy for a broad range of sites including an intranet for a technology division of Citi and sites for organizations needing to communicate simultaneously in both B2C and B2B modes. I’ve also managed these projects end-to-end, and will be happy to serve as your Online Producer.

In short, whether your website presents a “simple” challenge with a single coherent audience, or you’re grappling with multiple audiences and competing messages, I can help.

Sample #1

Institute for African American Studies at UGA - Front PageHere, for instance, is the home page for the Institute for African American Studies at The University of Georgia. The site was launched to create a more vibrant and welcoming presence both on and off campus, and project metrics indicated resounding success.

My strategy emphasized people, articulated clear navigation paths for the three diverse constituencies, and helped those constituencies integrate as a community. The site also included a new logo, which I secured.

In addition to developing the strategy and writing the Business Requirements and the Functional Specification, I managed the project end-to-end, and I wrote the site copy.

Institute for African American Studies at UGA - Students

Here’s a sample excerpt from the landing page for one of the three core audiences: Students.

Students are the lifeblood of the Institute. The Institute prides itself on being student-engaged and student-centered, and for offering intellectually stimulating, rigorous, and exciting courses. Students enrolled in African American studies courses come from a wide variety of majors, disciplines, and ethnicities. In our effort to reach students and increase political and cultural awareness within the black community as well as cultivated and retain interesting in our undergraduate program, the Institute established Student Association in 2007.  […]

Additional Samples

For some live samples, closer to (my) home, I developed and maintain both this website for my consulting practice and the site for my arts practice.

Be sure to check out the testimonialscase studiesclient list & and the other kinds of samples!

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