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Strategic Communications

We approached Ashley to help us structure and organize the conceptual-phase documentation for a large technology development project. The collaboration was very efficient. Ashley sensed the essence of the topic super-fast and together we worked out and applied the appropriate measures. The uniqueness of Ashley’s contribution was her very sharp editorial analysis, which covered all aspects of the defined endeavor and further, her strategy strengthened and clarified the objectives for the audience. This translates to us into the service we looking for–to not only clean or edit the documentation, but to maximize its capacity to convey our message to our customers and business partners. Ashley’s global and strategic process resulted in a successful product!

Kajetan Kietlinski
Co-owner,  SEARCH S.C.
Lead Application Engineer, TASS International
Poland, Netherlands, and Germany


Strategic & Creative Development

I would love to be listed as a reference. [Ashley’s] work on the [Polarization Mode Dispersion] video was inspired.

Russell Chipman
Senior Manager, Network Appliances Department, JDS Uniphase Corporation
Professor of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona

Ashley has unique abilities to synthesize complex information from a variety of sources and points of view and a knack for coming up with creative solutions to challenging issues/problems. She has a broad knowledge of the fine and performing arts gathered from inter-disciplinary study and hands-on work with non-profit organizations. An exceptional communicator (both written and oral), Ashley has both an eagerness and an ability to work with diverse cultural and ethnic groups.

Brent Fogt
Marketing Manager, Horizons for Youth

Ashley brings a rare gift to the equation. She is highly practical and ‘practically-smart,’ but equally, highly creative and ‘creatively-smart.’ Her capacity for analysis and big picture overview are as strong as her attention to detail. She loves problem-solving–the bigger and more complex the ‘challenge’ the happier she is. She isolates and distills all components. Once she does that, she sees ways, which don’t usually occur to most, to reconstruct and reorganize foundational and architectural corporate/creative structures and ways of functioning to maximize potentials. She is then highly capable, exceedingly capable, of running and managing the new process (small, large, individual, or corporate) so that the full spectrum of possibility is implemented and running at its peak.

Pamela Kohn
Executive Director, Ciné Athens
Independent Producer
USA, Bahamas, South Africa

Ashley is a leader and a strategist, and she works well when given the trust and freedom to run with her ideas, which are often spot on. She is intelligent, analytical, and passionate about fairness and equality. Aware of her technical strengths and weaknesses, she compensates well when challenged, is tenacious about research, and not afraid to learn and teach herself new things. Additional strengths include developing and implementing new systems and strategies–she got the international program up and running at the Vermont Studio Center–and conversing and networking with a large number of people in a short-time. She excels in intense environments with a diversity of ideas, people, and creative thoughts. Ashley has been a powerful advocate and professional role model for me.

Lillian Morrow
Volunteer Coordinator, Auckland SPCA
USA, New Zealand


Strategic & Creative Coaching

Ashley is very talented, and her excellent interpersonal and communication skills make her an excellent meeting/working-session facilitator.

Luc Olivier, Jr.
Managing Director/SVP/
Transformational Financial Services Leader


I participated in several of Ashley’s Red Clay Writers’ Workshops. Not all gifted writers are good critics, but Ashley is one such. She listens well and patiently, and not only offers helpful suggestions to improve the piece at hand but often shares insight into general techniques or practices to improve the writer’s craft. She does this while maintaining an atmosphere that feels safe and encouraging. She helped foster the development of my own writers’ group, which has been instrumental to my writing life. I recommend Ashley highly.

Lee Ann Pingel
Poet, Writer, Editor

Ashley is an amazing leader with natural mentorship abilities. During my two years working with Ashley on Mandala Journal, I watched her transform a humble, student-run journal into a dynamic, online publication accessible to writers, artists, and thinkers throughout the world. What makes Ashley such a wonderful leader, coach, and mentor is her willingness to lead by example and do whatever it takes to achieve production. Ashley brings clear direction, creativity, and a wealth of knowledge to any project set before her.

JoyEllen Freeman
Author of Morning Glory

We came to know Ashley when she tutored Mallory for a year when Mallory was in middle school. The topic was ostensibly World Religions, but Mallory ended up learning so much from Ashley that it is difficult to try to classify it all in just one topic. So I would like to simply emphasize what a special person Ashley is—I have never seen such a diverse and creative combination of talents in one person—published poet, writer, academic, teacher, counselor—she was responsible for getting Mallory interested in so many different subjects, from Indian religions to questions about sexism in literature, and so much more.  She also has that rare ability to truly connect with adolescents at times when they might not be connecting with other adults.

Rebecca A. Ranninger
Chief Human Resources Officer & Executive Vice President,
Symantec Corporation 


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