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IMG_1836Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with OUR PROCESS and MY PHILOSOPHY, and decided that you want to COLLABORATE to achieve strategic impact for your project, you’re ready to get started. Congratulations!

To initiate your project, please submit the following form. I’m happy to walk your through it, or you can turn to the many resources on this site to take a stab at it solo.

The form is one key to our successful collaboration and to maximizing your resources. Giving careful thought to your answers will serve you well. I recommend revisiting YOU THINK: OUR PROCESS FOUNDATION and SERVICES before completing the form.

Whether you complete this step on your own, or we do it together, the thinking it catalyzes will enable us to hit the ground running so you achieve the strategic impact you envision sooner rather than later. It’s a tried and true efficiency-booster!


Thank you for thinking carefully about your project so that I can strategize and budget efficiently. I’ll be in touch shortly with a proposed plan.

Your sample

If relevant to your project, please send a representative sample–no more than 5 pages–to with the subject line: “Sample: [insert your name].”

A note about response times

I try to respond to you within 24 hours, but time zones, travel, etc. sometimes make this impossible. When you submit your form, please pay special attention to the auto-response for notifications about any anticipated delays.

For more information

Process details can be found HERE, information about payment and fees HERE, and the FAQ section has lots of good information for you.

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