Our Process Phase 3: We Collaborate to Innovate

You’ve done the foundational thinking to get us started. I’ve devised the initial strategy, and we’ve agreed on a plan and budget. Now our collaboration begins.

We will employ a process that relies on, and results in, creative and compelling communication. Using online tools including email, Skype, Google+ Hangout,  Dropbox, etc., we will collaborate methodically to catalyze innovation and shepherd your project to the strategic impact you envision.

As your strategic collaborator, it’s my job to ensure that results are not only innovative, but they are also measurable. Thus, I’ve tailored the basic process model to maximize each collaboration mode. The collaboration model we apply to your project will help you ensure that your audience walks away with the SLI (single lasting impression) that serves your purpose. We’ll mark and evaluate milestones and deliverables along the way to chart our progress and make changes to our plan as necessary.

Together, we achieve the strategic impact you envision. Moreover, when we move on to the final phase in the project life cycle and review the project before closing it, we will see clearly the terms of success for the current project, which will lay the groundwork for continued and future innovation.

You think. I strategize. We collaborate & review. You achieve strategic impact.

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