Our Process Phase 4: We Review to Measure Strategic Impact

How do you know your project is a success?  For many projects, success equals completion. This sets the bar very low. Reaching the finish line is not the same as achieving strategic impact. Fortunately for your project, our process, and our bar, are different.

When we collaborate, concrete success metrics are built into the project plan. When we complete our final project review before closing the project, we will evaluate our process including documented milestones and deliverables. Strategic Impact is measurable, and your successes will be obvious and defined by a high bar.

Through our process, you will feel empowered to own the project’s achievements fully. As a bonus, our review will pave the way for future innovations and process improvements.

Following the review, you can expect an e-invoice from me via PayPal. Payment is due upon receipt.

For the moment, though, it’s time to celebrate creative and compelling communication that yields strategic impact. Cheers!

Additional cause for celebration…

When you refer someone to me, who becomes a new client, you will receive a 15% discount on our next collaboration.

You think. I strategize. We collaborate & review. You achieve strategic impact.

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