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Coaching a diverse group of community members, aged 5-65, for Franconia Sculpture Park, MN.

Coaching is about you. You are the project, and although what we usually think of as projects will receive indirect benefits, the direct benefit will be to you. As YOUR COLLABORATOR, I’ll help you achieve strategic impact generally and in the areas of your life that you choose to focus on. Our collaboration will be action-oriented.

I offer a creative and holistic approach to understanding obstacles and crafting innovative paths forward. My process-oriented philosophy and diverse background–which includes an unusual aggregate of professional credentials and experience living in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the US–combine to create a unique perspective and way of thinking that consistently leads to innovation, both in my own life and for clients.

Particular areas of focus for our collaboration may include, but are not limited to: charting a path to achieve the impact you envision; supporting and/or cultivating your creative life; developing project management & leadership skills; developing and honing critical thinking and communication skills; time & priority management; aligning your values and actions; learning something new; and holistic living. [Check out these SAMPLESCASE STUDIES and TESTIMONIALS.]

To achieve the strategic impact you envision, you may choose from several coaching options:

    • Group/Team Coaching: The focus is on working in a group and/or as a group. This option is great for existing teams and for individuals who find group dynamics more effective than one-on-one dynamics. The number of sessions will be determined by the group, but will be no fewer than three.
    • Individual Coaching, 3 Sessions: The focus is exclusively on you. The 3-Session option is great when you have a finite issue to untangle, and/or you would like to test our collaboration chemistry. We’ll spend the first session understanding the issue and defining your goals; the second session identifying obstacles and refining goals; and the third session devising a plan for strategic impact.
    • Individual Coaching, 7 Sessions: The focus is exclusively on you. The 7-Session option is great when your issue is complex, and/or you would like to check in and refine your process as you implement your plan to achieve strategic impact. The first three sessions will mirror the 3-Session option. The next three sessions will include a combination of progress reporting, new obstacle identification, and plan refinement. The seventh session will include assessing the ground covered, celebrating these successes, and crafting a plan to continue the momentum.
    • Individual 3+ Sessions w/ Special Prep: The focus is exclusively on you. This option works like a personally tailored course. We’ll collaborate to determine how many sessions we will meet in order to achieve your goals, and I will develop a syllabus for us. Both of us will have homework to do in order to prepare for each session.
    • Booster Session: Both individuals and groups, with whom I have previously worked, may request a single Booster Session. Like a booster shot, this session reinvigorates and strengthens the work that we have done in our previous collaborations.

A word about organizing group/team coaching…

    • Group Size: A group may be as small as three and as large as 12.
    • Existing Team: If you are an existing team, your team organizer should indicate this in the Project Description section of the GET STARTED form. A group rate will apply.
    • Individuals Wishing to Create a Group: In general, I do not organize groups that individuals may join. Instead, I encourage individuals to contact friends, acquaintances, and colleagues with similar interests and concerns in order to organize a group. One person should be designated as the group leader, and this person is responsible for all logistics including payment. Groups rate will apply, and as compensation for the group leader’s logistics work, some groups choose to divide the fee so that the group leader pays less than the other participants. How groups decide to divide the fee is, however, entirely up to the group. I will expect one payment from the group leader for the group session(s).

This collaboration mode doesn’t quite fit your project?


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