Strategic & Creative Development

IMG_1829There’s a big difference between a great idea and an actionable one. Moreover, many great ideas still have room to grow before they become exceptional ideas. Supported by a broad spectrum of experience–as an entrepreneur, project management professional, and artist–I combine MY PHILOSOPHY with OUR PROCESS to create the necessary structure to help you develop and realize your great idea as an exceptional one. By emphasizing both strategic and creative development, we’ll identify innovation opportunities that lead to the impact you envision for your project.  [Check out these SAMPLESCASE STUDIES and TESTIMONIALS.]


    • Reaching Diverse Constituencies: The focus is on developing the most effective strategy when your target audience includes diverse constituencies. Constituencies can be both internal and external, and this area includes developing strategies for cultivating Community Engagement.
    • Multimedia Development: The focus is on surveying the vast media landscape and determining the best media suite to optimize your resources and achieve strategic impact. Development can target new “blank slate” projects or existing projects that need updating to stay current with industry standards and audience expectations.
    • Change Management: The focus is on transitioning teams and organizations to a more strategically advantageous state–with particular emphasis on Process Analysis & Improvement–so that you achieve strategic impact.
    • End-to-End Project Management: The focus is on assessing project life cycles and their project management systems and developing strategies to optimize resources and guarantee that consistent strategic impact is achieved in a dynamic and respectful work environment.

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