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IMG_0246If content is your number one priority, then we can collaborate to generate content or to edit existing content. My unusual aggregate of skills and experience–including as a creative writer, scholar, editor,and marketing & communications professional–enables me to offer you exceptional writing and editing services. Moreover, our collaboration will be structured by MY PHILOSOPHY and OUR PROCESS to ensure that we achieve the strategic impact you envision for your project.

Writing Services

You want content that moves your audience and serves your purpose. When we collaborate, we create the most favorable context for it to emerge. Achieving meaningful, creative, and compelling content is honestly one of the most difficult tasks I know. It’s also one of the most rewarding. The key to innovative content is innovative thinking. I can write beautiful sentences till the cows come home, but your project deserves better. Your project deserves effective sentences that catalyze strategic impact, and MY PHILOSOPHY coupled with OUR PROCESS is designed to deliver just that. [Check out these SAMPLESCASE STUDIES and TESTIMONIALS.]

Editing Services

I divide editing into three distinct functions, and when I STRATEGIZE, I’ll help you determine which is the most appropriate for your project. There can be some overlap, but treating these functions separately yields the best results. [Check out these SAMPLESCASE STUDIES and TESTIMONIALS.]

    • Concept Development & Editing: The focus is on the content and includes re-organizing structure and suggesting the removal or addition of material, all in collaboration with you. A project at this stage has often used writing as a thinking tool, and through our collaboration, we’ll hone that thinking and transform the copy into writing that serves as a strategic tool, which effectively communicates your thinking to your audience.
    • Line Editing: The focus is on the prose itself and includes a line-by-line review of the manuscript to point out issues with paragraph structure, sentence flow, and word choice, e.g. things such as passive voice, wordiness, weak words, overused words, redundancies, repetitive sentence or paragraph structures.
    • Copyediting: The focus is on clarity and correctness and includes checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes; noting continuity errors; and doing some minor rewriting for the sake of clarity.

A note about services I generally outsource…

Proofreading: The focus is on ensuring that typeset and/or desktop designed proofs maintain allegiance to edited copy, design specifications, and publishing best practices so that the published document will be perfect. It requires a special skillset and personality, and although I am capable of this task in a pinch, I prefer to outsource it. Moreover, industry best practices dictate that it’s in the best interest of your project to treat proofreading as a distinct phase of the publishing process.

This collaboration mode doesn’t quite fit your project?


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